Ultra Elektric

Sore Losers

Ultra Elektric

Ultra Elektric, the fifth full-length studio album  from The Sore Losers will be released by Suburban Records on 22 October, 2021.

After a more laid back album (Gracias Señor, 2018) and a mandatory shut-in because of a worldwide pandemic, The Sore Losers are now itching to rock out. Their fifth album “Ultra Elektric” sizzles with electric guitar riffs and uptempo rock songs. “It’s the hardest and most rocking album we’ve made so far”, says singer/guitarist Jan Straetemans. “Everything goes in the red: tempo, energy, volume, and yeah, even the cover art. After 11 years, we know what The Sore Losers should sound like and we didn’t let anybody stop us from striving for that.” This time, there’s no international top producer at the mixing table, only the band, playing it close to the chest: songwriting, recording techniques, producing and mixing, they do it all themselves. 


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