Go Tell Fire to the Mountain (RSD21)

Wu Lyf

Go Tell Fire to the Mountain (RSD21)



10th Anniversary Reissue, made for Record Store Day 2021. 'Go Tell Fire to the Mountain' is the dark edged euphoric debut album from Wu Lyf - a mysterious manc cult, full of quasi-spiritual fervour and revolutionary intent. world unite / lucifer youth foundation portray a naked, primordial joy free of pretensions and translucent messages that few others manage. The four-piece are driven by tribal drums that have mutated from krautrock roots, exploding and falling out of rhythm in a perfect compliment to the messy majesty of the rest of the band. 'Such a Sad Puppy Dog' is a new sound that we're going to term krautrock gospel, with the singer's extraordinary larynx-shredding vocals - think bastard child of Tom Waits - adding to the delirium.



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